Desiccant dryers or dryer/after cooler combo units are used to provide air that is drier than ordinary compressed air produced by an air compressor.  Applications include pipeline drying, electronics manufacturing, food or drug production and refinery applications.

Dryers are rated for NEMA 4 outdoor or indoor usage and require 115v AC power to operate the control panel.  As with all of our equipment, field technicians are available to help install the units or to fully operate them for the duration of your project.

• Skid mounted units for easy mobility
• Achievable dew point from -40 to -100°F
• Outdoor rated electronic control panel
• High and low pressure available (70PSI– 350PSI)
• Large and small volume units available (250CFM – 5400CFM)


After coolers are designed for use in any application where compressed, but cool air is required. With an after cooler, you can reduce the temperature of hot compressed air for a safer, more usable temperature.

Painting, sandblasting and similar projects may require you to use air that is cooler and cleaner than a typical air compressor. Our units are available for use in manufacturing, refining, chemical, pipeline and industrial applications, as well as many other industries.

• Skid mounted units for easy mobility
• Air-driven units require no electrical power to operate
• Cools processed air to within 10 to 15°F of ambient
• High efficiency filters available for ultra pure air streams
• Dryer combo units or stand alone units available

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